Bridging to New Ideas….x is for Thinking!


We are on the cusp of Bridging into new ideas and new ways of working together.  Today, I hope you are starting to see how the basic ideas of Algebra (a variable, and algebraic formulas) apply to our stock market project and Bridge Project.  Today, we went in depth to understand the difference when you add/subtract like terms and when you multiply them.   You wrote our expressions and simplifed them and then we saw how that applies to calculating your stock values:  Value = # of shares *  Share Unit Price.  Of course, it VARIES for each person and depends on the stock that you own and it’s shares.  But, you apply the same algebraic formula.  We’ll be developing this idea more as we move into the second half of the semester.

For now, Your HW tonight is to complete the ACTUAL Stock Value Chart see hereATUALstockValue   and if you have not passed your Orange Belt, study and get ready for tomorrow’s advancement.

I hope all of your parents received the SLC letter we sent home and received the sign up through your email.  If not?  Please email Mr. Holmes:

I hope that by tomorrow, all groups can purchase their land for the bridge project and the only way you can do that is by completing the Bridge Permit and 1st Architectural Draft.

Yep, New ideas to shape your thinking!

Great job everyone and keep working hard,

Mr. Holmes

Orange You Ready??


Orange You Ready??  Hopefully, you have Orange Belt Scroll on Exponents and you have the problems on Popular Formulas.  Practice on your exponents and know the rules that will help you shortcut simplfying exponential expressions.  If you need some helpful hints on exponents, check out this video from my How 2’s:

So, for the Orange Belt Advancement this Thursday, it will cover the following topics:

  • Simplifying Algebraic Expressions- combining like terms
  • Evaluating Algebraic Expressions & Formulas- plugging in values for numbers
  • Squares & Square Roots- you need to be able to find these values in your calculator
  • Simplifying Exponents- Know the rules to simplify.

A few other reminders:

- Keep checking on your Stock Market and investments.

- Plan, Research, and design your Bridge ideas with your group.

- Read through the Bridge Project on my DP:

We need to start building next week when you return on Tuesday!

Study and practice 20-30 minutes a night on your math work!!

Mr. Holmes

Advancement Day and Prepping for Bridges

Hey Team,

Well?  What did you think? You took the advancement today and I hope you did well.  I will do my best to get them graded and back to you tomorrow….but I am just one man.  Today, we worked on our stock quotes and terms….you have joined our stock contest, right?  If not, go to the Stock Market Project on my DP and follow the directions the main page.  We are also learning how to access quote pages and terms as well.

Tonight for your HW training, I would like you to review the Bridging The Gap Project and especially, read about the Company Roles (the tab at top) and fill out this Job Employment Form

If for some reason, you haven’t finished all of “All Things Shall Be Distributed Equally”….please do so by tomorrow.

Great day today and keep brining it!!!  It’s all about Like Terms tomorrow!

Mr. Holmes

First Advancement of the Year….

It is time for our first advancement of the year…you will get your Yellow Belt!  Here are the major topics the advancement will cover:

1)  Percent, Decimals, Fractions

2)  Percent Problems

3) Percent Change

4)  Integer Operations:  be able to add/subtract and multiply/divide

5)  Basic Distributive Property

Also, attached and in your email is a document from our review in class plus our chalk talk.  Good Luck Grasshopper!


Connect The Dots!

It’s all about making connections and I hope you are seeing that the little things you do each day do add up to make a big picture.  We did connect the Dots to help us see that we all must make connections to see the big picture and learn/work together.

Tonight, for your training you need to watch the video that was emailed to you from Ms. Staff (my email wasn’t working so I had her send it to you).

Here is the link and I hope you can view it (you might need to sign into Educreations).

Good Luck!!

Everyone Plays a Part…build something beautiful!

Hey Team,

We hit the ground running today with a fun building activity called Cupstack where you used the special tool to build a pyramid tower!

photo 1photo 2

Everyone plays a part, everyone needs to be involved in the learning process…that’s the message I wanted you to get out of the activity.  Some more ‘Connect the Dots’ reflection:

  • Working together promotes Learning-  we can not learn alone….
  • Listening to others is crucial to learning; hear other’s perspective is critical to learning.
  • Planning & Strategy promote thinking!
  • Just like your pyramid has, a strong foundation is critical for future growth and doing amazing things.

I do like ‘Connecting the Dots’ that is, reflections or connections to what we do in class to the learning we are after.  Everyone taking part, talking, connecting and solving through problems is a critical norm in our classroom.  Good Job!

Tonight’s Training:  Finish off the Negative & Positive Integers packet (pg. 12) & do about 10-15 minutes of fluency work adding/subtracting integers.

Also, the Bears got the Stock Terms and should put a little time on those and the Tritons are finishing up Stock Symbols; Symbols due tomorrow and I’ll give you a little time.

We will have our first Yellow Belt Advancement next Monday…not this Friday due to the Thursday Field Trip.

That’s it for now and remember, don’t be a tool….take a part!!

Mr. Holmes

Back to School, Back to Basics…the Fundamentals!

Welcome to my DP (if you haven’t seen it already?)

Tonight is Back To School Night and hopefully, you know how important your parents are in your role of growing up.  This year, we will focus on helping, supporting, pushing and even challenging you to grow!  It’s a big year and at Back to School Night we will be emphasizing the change process you will go through!  You are already showing Ms. Staff and I that you are in it to win it and you all are working so hard.  But, remember to really grow…to really transform the difference is in the little details…mastering your basics of learning and the fundamentals.

HW TRAINING:  Today, we finished our final day of Blackjack where we saw how positive & negative numbers and how things change and relate that change in terms of percents.  This is you homework (uhhmmm…your training) tonight.  You have been told to hold on to Measuring Change Through %’s… if you haven’t completed the back of that page…do it tonight!  It’s due TOMORROW.

Lastly, you are the young adult now so please take the initiative to take charge of your own learning….come to tutoring, ask questions, be involved, and always, always, DO YOUR BEST!

Mr. Holmes