Connect The Dots!

It’s all about making connections and I hope you are seeing that the little things you do each day do add up to make a big picture.  We did connect the Dots to help us see that we all must make connections to see the big picture and learn/work together.

Tonight, for your training you need to watch the video that was emailed to you from Ms. Staff (my email wasn’t working so I had her send it to you).

Here is the link and I hope you can view it (you might need to sign into Educreations).

Good Luck!!

Everyone Plays a Part…build something beautiful!

Hey Team,

We hit the ground running today with a fun building activity called Cupstack where you used the special tool to build a pyramid tower!

photo 1photo 2

Everyone plays a part, everyone needs to be involved in the learning process…that’s the message I wanted you to get out of the activity.  Some more ‘Connect the Dots’ reflection:

  • Working together promotes Learning-  we can not learn alone….
  • Listening to others is crucial to learning; hear other’s perspective is critical to learning.
  • Planning & Strategy promote thinking!
  • Just like your pyramid has, a strong foundation is critical for future growth and doing amazing things.

I do like ‘Connecting the Dots’ that is, reflections or connections to what we do in class to the learning we are after.  Everyone taking part, talking, connecting and solving through problems is a critical norm in our classroom.  Good Job!

Tonight’s Training:  Finish off the Negative & Positive Integers packet (pg. 12) & do about 10-15 minutes of fluency work adding/subtracting integers.

Also, the Bears got the Stock Terms and should put a little time on those and the Tritons are finishing up Stock Symbols; Symbols due tomorrow and I’ll give you a little time.

We will have our first Yellow Belt Advancement next Monday…not this Friday due to the Thursday Field Trip.

That’s it for now and remember, don’t be a tool….take a part!!

Mr. Holmes

Back to School, Back to Basics…the Fundamentals!

Welcome to my DP (if you haven’t seen it already?)

Tonight is Back To School Night and hopefully, you know how important your parents are in your role of growing up.  This year, we will focus on helping, supporting, pushing and even challenging you to grow!  It’s a big year and at Back to School Night we will be emphasizing the change process you will go through!  You are already showing Ms. Staff and I that you are in it to win it and you all are working so hard.  But, remember to really grow…to really transform the difference is in the little details…mastering your basics of learning and the fundamentals.

HW TRAINING:  Today, we finished our final day of Blackjack where we saw how positive & negative numbers and how things change and relate that change in terms of percents.  This is you homework (uhhmmm…your training) tonight.  You have been told to hold on to Measuring Change Through %’s… if you haven’t completed the back of that page…do it tonight!  It’s due TOMORROW.

Lastly, you are the young adult now so please take the initiative to take charge of your own learning….come to tutoring, ask questions, be involved, and always, always, DO YOUR BEST!

Mr. Holmes

Prepping for Change…in more ways than you think!

Can you believe that it is already the 3rd week of school?  Moving quickly and you’ll be amazed how fast the year will fly by so be ready for all the changes that are coming your way!  You may have already noticed the increased load in math training and assignments.  Things will only get more hectic as the year progresses so don’t dilly dally (that means waste time or get distracted) take care of what you must do each day and work hard to learn the concepts we are working on in class… it will all add up and make you academically stronger in the end!  YOU CAN DO IT!!  In that spirit of change, here are some key tips that can help you:

  • Think of school going till 3:30 or even 4:00- I am here to help you so stop by my classroom to check in and work out anything that you are struggling with or is confusing to you.  We did a HW check on Friday and today and is meant to make sure you are getting what we are working on!  Take the time to fully understand the work….make the time to change and develop positive habits.
  • Take careful notes- don’t just write what we write on the board but make notes to yourself.  
  • Stay organized with your notes and work.  Great to have that POD spiral to work in order as each day builds on the day before.
  • Take the time to do 20-30 minutes of math each night; if not actual math to do, review your notes and rework and redo problems that you have done before!
  • Tune in to my DP and check your Google Classroom for updates and work on Projects!  It is Your Responsibility to know what is for HW each night!

So, for tonight’s training…..write up the reflection for the Mock Stock Market Challenge we did last Friday and if you haven’t turned in Measuring Change through %’s work on the back page.  I am going to update my How 2’s too…so you can go there to get some help with problems as well.

Make the Change!!  

Mr. Holmes 


Get Ready for the HTMCV Mock Stock Exchange….Know your % Change

Hey Team,

We started with our intro on the Stock Market and investing with the funny story of the Lollipop Guild.  This story talked about an idea that becomes a product (a food lollipop’s) and sales increase so much that the company goes public; that is, publicly traded on the stock market.  Tomorrow, we will run a simulation in the main commons where you will buy and sell shares of stock of different companies….this then, is how you make money.  You try (I said try) to buy a stock a low price and hope the price goes up so that you can sell it at a higher price and make some MOOOLA!  It will be fun!

This is a CHANGE in stock price and tonight’s homework is calculating % change.  It is the same thing we have been doing all week; % * Whole = part.  Remember, that the Part is the change or the amount that it changed.  The whole is the original starting amount!    So for tonight’s training, do problems #1 – 7.

Get set….GO!

Mr. Holmes

There is a Sale….Don’t Let the Salesman Fool You


We continued with our study on Percents today!  It is the classic Sales Problems…like everything is 30% off.  For your training (uhhmm…HW) tonight, finish the back page of Don’t Let the Salesman Fool You!  We discussed the importance of the % * Whole = Part formula.  Remember, to find the amount of the discount in these problems which is the difference between the Original Price – New Price = amount of the discount.  

Do your best and know your percents!

Mr. Holmes

Don’t Let the Percent’s Fool You!!

Hey Team,

I hope you had a restful Labor Day weekend and now, let’s get back to labor and working hard on learning!  Last week we started setting norms and continued our discussion today for our classroom including:

  • Everyone is a teacher in the room- teaching others helps you learn deeper and is good for the community.
  • Learning takes time & practice- don’t expect to learn anything if you don’t put the time in and hard work on it….You can learn anything!
  • Take Initiative in your work- don’t just sit back, jump in and ask questions.
  • Collaborate & Cooperate- working with others is key to your learning.  You can make sense of things by seeing how others work problems.
  • Work to Make Sense of things- I give you a lot of samples and ways to remember things in class…so take notes and use samples to help you to solve other problems.

 We have launched into our focus on the Math Fundamentals by studying Percents.  Remember, that a Percent is nothing more than a decimal in disguise; a fraction.  If you take a percent of something you are taking a part of the whole. We used the basic formula    % * Whole = Part…..we called this our Pac-Man Percents.

So your training (HW) for tonight is to complete #1-11 on Don’t Let the Salesman Fool You.

Work Hard Grasshopper!