The First Week, the First HW

Yo, Yo Team,

Ok, now that it is day 3, you have to finish all of Grade Calculation Syllabus.  The Bears had the time to get the key notes in your math/science journal on Weighted Averages but for the Tritons, we ran a little short on time.  Do your best on it and we’ll check it tomorrow…..remember, I gave you the answers today NOW it is up to you to show me your thinking, your work on how to get those answers.  

If you need some extra help, go to my How 2’s on my DP.   

We are setting NORMS for how to learn and understand math?   What are these Norms….what is the Birthday Number Trick teaching us?  What is the Rope Trick teaching us?  What is the pencil trick teaching us about how we need to learn math?  

Think about it and reflect as we go into the latter part of the week.  You’ll have more activities to collaborate and work together….we all learn and we all teach each other!  

Way to go!

Mr. Holmes

It’s On…The 8th Grade is Underway!

Welcome 8th grade class of 2014-15,

It’s on and time to crank up another year of 8th grade intensity, learning and of course fun! Both Mrs. Staff and I are incredibly impressed by your focus, attention and on-it-ness (that’s intensity in other words)   If you are a former 8th grade student or parent, you might want to unsubcribe at right to this so you don’t keep getting updates on 8th grade stuff.

BUT, if you are on the Staff/Holmes team or a parent of Staff/Holmes, I strongly encourage you to Subscribe at the right.  Technically, you are supposed to get an email notice everytime I update my DP.  (let’s hope that happens).

Anyways, this page I will update on a regular basis outlining assignments, clarification about project work and other helpful things in your process of learning and tackling 8th grade math/science.  IT WILL BE A VALUABLE RESOURCE for you so use it!

Now for the nitty-gritty…things you need to do tonight:

  • Go to  Google Classroom and enter the team code that I gave you in your email.  Register for the class you are in Bears or Tritons.
  • Have you got your Syllabus Page signed…if not, get it in?
  • Tonight’s HW- complete the first problem (Bocephus) on the Syllabus Grade Calculation page I gave you today.  Just do the first one.   Remember to do the averages for each (determine which type of average) and then multiply be the percentage of the category.  If you go to How 2’s on my DP and register for the class by entering the code listed, you’ll have access to a library of How 2 videos that I have made on a variety of topics.  Look for the grade calc. video.
  • Practice and learn that Rope Trick!!!
  • Remember to bring in something to work out in for Friday!!  Those who do will have something refreshing to enjoy!

Till Tomorrow,

Mr. Holmes

One Last Push to the Finish Line!!


Only 3 weeks left till summer and you are on your way to high school!  One last push to finish off this amazing year in 8th grade with our final project:  My Legacy, My Destiny.  We are well on our way in math/science and your goal is to complete the tasks associated with everything for your future.  See this page: Mathing Out Your Future

As we move into the final weeks, you’ll be set and ready for promotion as long as you finish up these tasks:

1)  Have you passed your Yellow Belt on Slope?  If not, get it done.

2)  Orange Belt Advancement- it is all about Graphing and our advancement is this Friday.  Be ready by working on your scroll each night for at least 20 minutes.

3) Finish and complete all Tasks for My Legacy, My Destiny-  You now know your taxes an your net monthly income so now it is time to go find that house, car and balance your monthly budget.

Lots to do so get set to jet and get your work done,

Till tomorrow,

Mr. Holmes

Investing In Your Future…

Hey Team,

We are launching a new project called My Legacy, My Destiny, that technically started last week as we started learning about investing in the Stock Market.  I hope you have a much better understanding of how the Market exchange works through our HTMCV Stock Exchange Simulation.  Here is a little video about that…It was a Blast!  HTMCV Stock Exchange

But, the stock exchange is really learning about investing and the first and most important stock is to invest in yourself.  Because investments grow over time if and only if you put the work and effort to be better…This project will push you to think about where you are going and what you want to do and the necessary sacrifices you will need to make to make your future value of your investment dream come true.

In our last third part of the year, we will push you to work hard, handle multiple responsibilities, be in the moment and focused, and follow through on the little details that are so important.  These are all the skills you will need in high school; that is, if you want to THRIVE as opposed to just SURVIVE.    So, here is where we are:

#1.  The Judo Math Scrolls are Back!-  this time though, work through it on your own and no need to do the whole thing BUT  and it is a big BUT….use it to learn, train and practice.  You will need to know how to do the work for the Yellow Belt Advancement this Friday!  Practice makes Perfect!  Extra Credit if you decide to do the whole thing!!

#2.  Stock Market Project-  You should by now have gone and registered for the Stock Market Contest.  It is under the ABOUT tab on Projects page see..stock project Show Me the Money.  You have to define all the Stock Terms…it’s the worksheet I gave you on Monday.  They are due on FRIDAY…you’ll want to use them for the quiz on Friday!

#3.  Do some Career Research on the career quest site called:  This is a great way to learn about your skills strengths, job types and determining the amount of money you will need to meet a desired lifestyle.  Play with it this week!!

This is a sign of what’s to come the rest of the year…we’ll go over some stuff in class and then set you to a series of tasks to complete.

Now, go forth and run the race, keep the pace, and keep your eye on the finish line!

Your Preacher Teacher,

Mr. Holmes

Spring Time & Exhibition Time


Spring is in the air and Exhibition Time has finally arrived.  Your main exhibition will be your Purpose, Passion Project in Humanities and the Mad Scientist Expo will not happen fully until after Spring Break when you and your partner will educate our younger 1st and 2nd graders with your Mad Scientist Workshop.  So, what will you be doing on this Wednesday’s Exhibition Night????  Well, we will lay out a preview of everyone’s exhibition in the conference room…no experiments but just snapshots of what will be doing after Spring Break.  So, in the meantime, we need to finalize our presentations this week so that when we return, you will be ready to go……You’ll need to:

1)  Prepare an Exhibition Flyer – I showed you an example in class.

2)  Prepare your slides for your workshop to have when we get back.

3) Finish your Content Research & Workshop Planner (Google Doc I sent you).

4) Finalize materials you need for your workshop & divide up tasks between you and your partners.

On the math side, we are getting into understanding graphs.  We will have a Quiz this Friday over Graphing so complete all homework:  Sketches to Situations, and Need for Numbers.  Tonight, if you did not turn it in today, you need to complete HW 11: Need for Numbers…due tomorrow.

A crazy week but work hard and then enjoy a much deserved two week Spring Break!


Mr. Holmes

HW Check Tomorrow…


As I mentioned in class today, we are going to have a short HW Check tomorrow.  What is that?  It is basically a short 6-8 question quiz over the work we have been doing this week- Kearny by Equation, Ox Expressions and Balancing Chemical Equations.  You’ll have to write some algebraic expressions for some given statements and your have to write some statements for the given algebraic expressions.  For example, MF  is the total number of men in a family.  Or what does the .4H in the Kearny equation mean.

You will also see some chem equations where you need to balance the number of atoms of an element on one side with the same number of atoms of that element on the other side.  If you need some help on this, check out the Basic Chemistry book and click on Chemical Reactions, and see 5.2 chemical equations.  Remember, to count the number of atoms by multiplying the coefficient by the subscript for the element.

Other than getting prepared for that, you should be doing some research on your Mad Scientist Topic Research.  Study the topics related to your experiment by researching the topics I outlined for you and your partner, and look on for some background on the chemistry topic.

More research tomorrow!

Mr. Holmes

POW #2: Around the Horn


We have been working on the POW #2: Around the Horn this week and hopefully, you are understanding and working through the complexities of solving it.  You should be taking some careful notes to use in your writeup of this problem which is DUE this Friday.
Remember, that this is a project grade so it deserves your attention, thoughtful writing, and thoroughness.  What I mean is that I expect you to put together a writeup that hits the following:

  • Follow the Format with Bolding Subheadings: Problem Statement, Process, Solution, Extensions, and Evaluation.
  • Make sure to address both scenarios for this problem. Scenario #1: no boats had sailed before you  Scenario #2: boat have been sailing before you.  You should have a different answer for each scenario.
  • Write, Write, Write….a few sentences for each section will not be satisfactory.  The Process and Solution section should be longer.
  • Write it as if you were writing it to someone who has never seen the problem before.
  • Be clear and explain your reasoning with facts to support your THINKING
  • Make sure to explain the Why of your Thinking
  • Reference or attach any diagrams, scratch work, tables or math you used to help you solve the problem.
  • Make sure to list the Assumptions necessary to reaching your solution…for example, like the one that we said that all boats must sail at the same rate and on the same timetable.
  • The extensions section is for you to provide other ways of solving or other possible answers that were presented in class.
  • The Evaluation section is for you to write a short paragraph about what you learned about doing math from the problem, reflect on what was done in class that might have helped you with the problem, and things you did that supported your thinking.

The POW is all about you articulating (that means communicating) your THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS.

Good Luck!

Mr. Holmes