How 2’s

Below is a link of videos to help you build your math proficiency.  I expect you to use this page often and is great way to get help from me and other teachers as you progress in your learning.

Educreations Website

In order to view all of the How 2’s that I personally have created for this course, you need to use this address which is a site called Educreations that houses all of my videos.  You will be asked to register so use your High Tech email and create a password for your self (I would just make it the same password you have for your High Tech email- easier to remember).

Once you are in, you will need to join our class by entering the code UFPANQA  This will register you for my class (called 8th Grade Math) and you can view all of the videos that I have created for the work we are doing.

I have also added a Science Class on Educreations called 8th Science Mr. Holmes.  Check your email for the Class Code then login to Educreations (using your High Tech Gmail), enter the class code and you are in!  Voila!  Hope it helps!

Current Topics: topics we are studying now:

Functions/Graphing Discipline: here are videos related to the Functions Discipline

Blue Belt:  Inequalities & Modeling

Advanced Inequality

Reading Inequalities

Modeling Problem:  Mickey Dolls prob from Blue Belt

Orange Belt:  Graphing

How to Graph a Line

Graphing using Y=mx+b

How to Write an Equation for a line (by looking at a graph)

Yellow Belt:  Graphing

Finding Slope from a Graph

Grade as a Percent Slope

Calculating Slope

Good Luck and Happy Learning!

The rest of the videos below are links to other interesting How 2’s and resources including KHAN Academy and others:





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