Digital Resources

A great page to help and support you in your journey of learning in 8th grade:

Contact me:

Powerschool– check your grades here

Educreations (How 2’s Tab on this DP)- join our class to see all relevent videos. Need to see videos for help?  Go to How ‘2 tab, follow instructions plus videos directly linked to what we are doing!

Judo Math Student Site– a great way to learn and study through Judo Math this year.

SumDog– a fun way to practice and master fluency of basic math fundamentals.

Khan Academy– you’ll be working on this site to improve your math skills and it is also a great resource of hundreds of online learning videos to help you understand concepts.

The Physics Classroom– a great site we will be using to supplement our learning and application of essential physics concepts in many of our projects this year.  Once at this page, you can click on Physics Tutorial where most of the content is listed but we will also use the other applications as well.

ck-12 Flexbooks– an online resource that has specific content via textbook like format with activities, lessons, videos and assessments of your knowledge!  You’ll need to use this to learn important content for the projects we are working on.


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