A complete list of projects and things that we do…engaging!  This page may be subject to change as the learning demands, time schedules, and our classroom decision influence the direction we take on projects.

1st Semester 2019

ForMEla- a perfect project to frame algebraic representations. You’ll create your own algebraic formula based on you….the “ME” and detail what each letter, uhmmm…variable, means and alongside you’ll choose a famous formula and study to learn what it means.

X Games- X is for X-Treme and X is the international symbol for a variable which frames our focus in the this project.  You’ll become a physicist manipulating algebraic formulas, doing calculations, engaged in kinematics, understanding gravity and so much more.  X Games is three projects in one where teams compete in the Egg Drop, Balloon Cars, and Water Rockets.  So c’mon put on your physics hat and start designing!

Show Me The Money- Stock Market Project an investment can take many forms.  This project intends to show you how to identify value and make strategic investments to grow your wealth.  Of course, the greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself.  This project will run most of the year and culminate in a financial workshop to educate the teachers of the High Tech Chula Vista teachers.

2nd Semester 2020

Actually, it IS Rocket Science– explore the world of rocketry as we blast off into our exploration of Newton’s Laws, Kinematics, and dynamics to launch our rockets to meet the challenge who can launch their rocket to the highest reaches in the sky and bring our precious payload of an egg back to earth.  You’ll need all your Rocket Science knowledge to successfully complete this project.  Let’s Launch!

Does Matter Matter- we explore the world of all matter by examining and performing investigations in the fascinating world of chemistry.  We’ll learn about all that makes up matter from the tiniest particles of atoms and their interactions and to how all things small do really matter in the physical world.  Stay tuned for exciting labs, modeling and chemical experiments!

Are you a Mythbuster? Life Science Edition- become a full-fledged scientist as you go through the scientific method to examine patterns, make hypotheses, analyze data and draw conclusions based on biological systems and processes.  We will explore microbiology, living systems, and biological processes in order to prove or disprove our hypotheses.

My Legacy, My Destiny- the culminating project of 8th grade, a long-time favorite by former students.  An individual project where you will learn about where you came from and where you are going.  You plan your life, college, resume, professional life including learning about all those things your parents deal with…taxes, finance, mortgages, and discover the true cost of living!




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