Getting into the Groove of 8th Math/Science

To succeed in math/science this year, you have to TRY!  Trying is training your brain!  We shared that learning anything involves you committing to the daily grind of learning and that “you are the SUM of all your training” as so well captured here:  Sum of All Your Training .   Without Labor, Nothing Prospers!

We kicked off this 3rd week of school with our first Problem of the Week called the St. Ives Problem.  We continued our work with percents as well putting the Part of a Whole to the test in different applications.

Things will be different this year; both in terms of what we are learning and how we show work.

  • Show work:  show what you do to get an answer but let a calculator do the calculating for you!  A scientific calculator is an essential tool for 8th grade math this year.
  • Math Work is done Top Down-  Not left to right like you read; but write the problem and do a step, then the answer is below, making the problem smaller and smaller as you go down.
  • Mastery is Essential- you can always retake a math test but prepare for them as much as possible so you’ll have less to relearn!  You must have a passing grade for every test.
  • HW is not homework but is just Brain Training-  if it takes longer than 30 minutes, see me for help.
  • Do What You Need- don’t do what others are doing, learn what you need to do to learn and understand concepts, then do that.  If that is coming to math lab everday afterschool, then do that.  If it is reworking/practicing every problem twice, then do that……do whatever it takes to succeed.
  • Lastly, Asking is Advocating for yourself-  you leave a lot to chance for failure when you fail to ask a question, restate your understanding, or say very little.  Don’t be shy!  Speak up, articulate your thinking, and check to see if you understand concepts, lessons, homework!

Get in the groove and I’m here to support you in whatever way I can!

Your Math Sensei,

Mr. Holmes


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