Welcome to 8th Math/Science

Welcome to 8th Grade Math/Science!  The first day back is always filled with nervous anticipation both for students and teachers. Today was an indication of great things to come. We have an incredible team of talented, driven and most of all engaged students. We started the day with a game of Rock, Paper Scissors “Evolution” style and the tone is set that the 8th grade year is a time of transition to a young adult where independence, freedom go hand in hand with meeting your responsibilities.

As we go through the day to day work of learning, it is important that you read through my Syllabus(on DP) and of course, check your email on a daily basis so you can get assignments and announcements via this format: Google Classroom!

We will dive into some math work tomorrow!  So work on that pencil trick and get ready to prime your brain for some intense problem solving!  I am so excited about the year!


Mr. Holmes